What is GraphQL?

GraphQL stands for Graph Query Language. It comprises of a robust query language and a mechanism for describing and structuring existing data. It is an interface layer which enables easy data access even for complex queries and datasets.

What can I do with GraphQL?

As a customer, you can use a GraphQL API to obtain any kind of data in the format that you want. You don’t have to rely on pre-made tables and columns, instead you can specify exactly what portion of the data you would like to see. You can add and remove entities and properties on the fly. It also enables powerful developer tools (see examples).

Main GraphQL features

  • You get exactly what you need, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Queries always return predictable results.
  • It’s fast and stable because you control the data, not the server.
  • Custom queries so that you can get many resources at the same time, thus limiting server requests.
  • It has a type system which enables auto completion and suggestions.
  • It’s supported by powerful developer tools and has a rich ecosystem.

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